APCAA Membership Qualifications

To be qualified for membership in APCAA, you must:

  1. Be licensed by the Alabama Department of Insurance to perform adjustment services in the State of Alabama, be engaged in claims adjustment, primarily for the defense, or be employed as a claims adjuster for an insurance carrier, business corporation, or business related association qualified under the laws of Alabama;

  2. Have manifested a genuine interest in, or sympathy with, the purposes of APCAA;

  3. Be engaged in the adjustment of property and casualty claims in excess of 50% of your employment;

  4. Be nominated by two (2) members of APCAA;

  5. Pay your membership dues and submit application to the APCAA Membership Committee;

  6. Abide by the By-laws of APCAA; and

  7. Not be licensed in any state as a public adjuster.


If you meet these criteria you can be a member of the APCAA - Join Now! Click here for the Online Application or, click here for a PDF Application to download and submit.  We hope to see you soon!

APCAA works to uphold and strengthen the ethical standards and practices of the property and casualty adjuster profession in the State of Alabama. The future of this profession depends on solid character, integrity, work ethic, and the desire to serve and help others. APCAA is dedicated to support and promote its members in these areas. APCAA has applied for 501 (c) 6 tax exempt status with the Internal Revenue Service.